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Welcome to your first step towards home ownership!

To learn how to get out of the rent trap NOW and experience the joy and satisfaction of walking through the door of your own home,

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Here are some great stories from people just like you, who've set out on the same path and made it through the door of their own FIRST HOME!

Thank you so much for  your help in our house buying adventure. We are so grateful for all you did, and feel that you really went beyond what we expected a broker to provide. Thank you. - M and S W (Hazelbrook)

We thought we wouldn't have a chance in todays market but you gave us the guidance and support to help us put our foot in the door. We were expecting the big step in getting a house to be a hard task but with you working on our case it seemed all too easy. Your dedication behind the scenes to ensure we had the right lender and information exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much Anna. You'll definitely be on speed dial for our next home - Maddy & Brent

Looking for a house to buy in the Blue Mountains seemed a herculean task before we met Anna Rimac. Anna's help with RP data reports about the houses we viewed, information about the different neighbourhoods, and help finding the right lender were the keys we needed to successfully find and purchase a home. Thank you so much! - V V Winmalee

When you register to join our FREE webinar, you'll also receive a copy of ‘The ESSENTIAL Information You Can't Get Anywhere Else That You Must Have Now To Buy Your First Home'.This book is an absolute must have for anyone wading through the home loan maze.

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Check out the contents page…..


  1. Facts from fiction. Info on the web is plentiful, and tells me about stuff, but what parts fit me? What do I really need to know?
  2. Buying a home and getting a loan are two very different things
  3. How much is that doggy in the window? How much should I offer?
  4. How can my family help?
  5. Savings are?
  6. I can afford?
  7. How do I get rid of the anchor?
  8. Who else is involved?
  9. What/Who should I watch out for?

You need access to live information explained in a way that is totally clear and structured towards your personal situation, where you can ask questions, hear other people's experiences and really prepare yourself for the most important purchase choice in your life…you'll get all this at the FREE webinar.

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